The Five Basic Components Of A Roofing System

Before buying or building a new home, you should take the time to do your homework on roofing systems. These systems play a huge role in protecting the interior of the home from moisture damage. Many homeowners will put their home on the market, without giving much though to the condition of the roofing system. With this said, it will be up to the homebuyer to make sure the roof is in good condition. If you fail to do this, you may be forced to replace the roof very soon after the closing. Below, you will discover more information about the 5 basic components of a roofing system.


Roof Covering


In the United States, more homes are covered with a shingled roof than any other type of covering. The main reason for this is because shingles are extremely affordable and offer a decent service life. A shingled roof will not boost the value of home as much as a tile or slate roof. When you do a tour of the home, be sure to get a good look at the roofing system, looking for cracked or missing shingles or tiles, dark areas and damaged eaves.

When you are inside the house, get a good look at the ceiling and what you should be looking for is fresh paint. If you detect areas of fresh paint, this could be a good sign that a leaky roof is the culprit. Yellow stains on the ceiling will be the determining fact that the roof is in need of repair.



The sheet material or boards that are fastened to the rafters are known as sheathing. The sheathing covers the home and protects it from water and moisture damage. This material cannot be seen, because the shingles, metal or tile covers it.




When the roofers removed the bad shingles for my roof in Staten Island, I was truly amazed. The flashing and roof structures were damaged due to long-term water exposure.

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