6 New Eateries Coming To Navy Yard In Brooklyn

Brooklyn has seen a large number of renovation and construction projects during the past few years. One of the biggest and most notable of recent years was the Navy Yard’s brand-new food hall. While the establishment has already locked up a few eateries, it is not open just yet. Instead, the 60,000-square foot hall is expected to open sometime during 2017. Nonetheless, the food hall, which will be located at Building 77, has already collected a few big tenants. They include the Brooklyn Brewery and Russ & Daughters. Just recently, several other eateries have thrown their name into the hat.

Which eateries should you expect to see at the new food hall? You’ll find out below.

Brooklyn Greenery

After many years of work and plenty of effort on behalf of local roofing contractors the food hall is nearly complete. It has also been revealed that the smoothie establishment, Brooklyn Greenery, will be opening a retail outpost at Building 77. The opening will mark the company’s second outpost. The company expects to serve breakfast and lunch at the Building 77 restaurant. They will offer acai bowls, juice, salads, and smoothies.

Rustik Tavern

The Rustik Tavern currently has an establishment on DeKalb Avenue. The Tavern has been in business since 2008 and it has gained tremendous popularity amongst the locals. The company just announced that they will also be opening a new restaurant and bar at Building 77. At the restaurant, consumers will be able to enjoy waffles, burgers, chicken, and even mac and cheese! It is also believed that the restaurant will be used for community events in coordination with nonprofits and local schools.


And of course, several other establishments are expected to move into Building 77. They include Tiny Drumsticks, We Rub You, The Food Sermon, and Grandchamps. Local Brooklyn residents will need to hold on a little longer, before they’ll be able to enjoy everything the establishment has to offer. The new food hall is expected to open sometime in 2017.